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Treating Depression with PEMF Therapy

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Have you ever struggled with feelings of sadness or emptiness? Have you been emotionally overwhelmed and seen that others are concerned about you because of your emotional state? Have you looked for treatment but been turned off by the side effects of anti-depressants? Don’t let depression stop you anymore! There is hope for you and treatment without side effects for your depression. Find your comfort in PEMF Therapy.


According to doctors and experts, depression is a serious illness that can be caused by multiple factors. Scientists have been studying to determine who is at a higher risk of suffering from depression Factors can include; your surroundings, biological and genetic makeup and other psychological factors. Often times losing a loved one can cause depression, even during the time of grieving, a challenging relationship or a situation that is straining or traumatic can initiate depression.

Depression comes in many forms, these forms include:

  • Major Depression – Depression at this phase disrupts your normal schedule, sleep time and metabolism (you lack hunger). This may only happen once in a lifetime, but for others it may be ongoing.
  • Constant Hopeless Disorder – A manifestation of depression that might last for up to two years. May differ depending on the person.
  • Psychotic Depression – This includes some type of psychosis where the patient loses touch with reality and experiences phantasmagoria.
  • Post-partum Depression – Many women experience this type of depression after giving birth to a child. They go through a hormonal and physical imbalance that leads to this depression. Even the thought of caring for their child can become very emotional.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder – People experience this during the winter time. It is triggered by less sunlight which causes an overwhelming emotional state. This depression tends to away as soon as spring and summer return. Light therapy is often used as treatment but is not always successful.
  • Bipolar Disorder – This is a serious manic-depressive illness and brain disorder. It causes changes in mood, activity, energy levels, and interrupts day to day tasks.

Treating Depression with PEMF

PEMF Treatment has been known to treat the symptoms of depression through the release of magnetic fields into the brain and transracial. Magnetic stimulus measured at a speed of 10Hz and 1Hz counterattacks depression in a very effective manner. Some studies have shown that undergoing PEMF Treatment for depression may require close monitoring. Treating depression with PEMF therapy takes time and you may have to continue therapy for a few months, but results show that the benefits can last between 3 and 6 months at a time. Other research studies have proven that several PEMF treatments regulate the certain neuroendocrine purposes that refine psychological and physiological health and welfare. This is a big development in the treatment of depression.

In Conclusion

If you suffer or someone you knows suffers from depression treatment with the PEMF 4000 is the way to go. This device has the ability to improve your overall mental and physical health. Don’t suffer from your symptoms any longer, get help with the PEMF 4000 and feel happy again.

About Charlie Farricielli

Charles E. Farricielli, President and Director Thank you so much for your interest in our PEMF8000. PEMF8000 helps the body to repair every disease known to man! We have dedicated clients that are Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapy, Hospitals, Clinics, and Pain Centers and also include many Alternative Medicine consumers as well. Below I incorporated for you an abundance of info and links on PEMF Theory and Therapy and more. I have had many years of experience in the ELT field, and have also successfully instructed and trained PEMF clients and Technicians through-out the world. You are welcomed to call me Anytime!. Allow me to prove how our Device can help you today! Charlie (203) 214-5454 I'm in Connecticut! Warm regards, Charlie Farricielli I would like to answer any questions you might have, and assist with much more detailed information. Our new PEMF8000 Series is, without doubt, the most powerful and effective device on the planet! It's helping people throughout the world to be pain-free and heal the immune system and numerous health-related dilemmas! I have included many links and a great deal of information to help you understand the power and effectiveness of PEMF Therapy and Our PEMF8000 healing supremacy! PEMF8000 With superior engineering comes superior performance. The redesigned PEMF8000 offers an unrivaled speed of induction, which translates into a more dynamic treatment experience. Tissues respond rapidly, aches and pains are alleviated, and cellular energy. PEMF WELLNESS TECHNOLOGY LLC was founded in 2012. We are a family-owned and operated manufacturing company that is inspired by a passion for high technology and meaningful service to others. PEMF 8000 creator has over 20 years of experience with Tesla Technology and diligently engineered the PEMF8000 Device for quality and 20th Century State-of-the-art Science! We research, develop & manufacture game-changing technologies for patients who have few treatment options they can count on. You can find our devices in the homes of out-patients and in the offices of chiropractors, therapists, caregivers, and veterinarians in all four corners of the globe. Because the results we achieve with our device are unmatched, we define the cutting-edge in the PEMF industry.
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